Restavriran Partizan Franco Nero video

Restored Partisan bicycle



Franco Nero

Restaviran Partizan Once upon a time and today – time is relative…

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Sunset Rhapsody

Like a river, like a forest, like a wind, like a flower.. Dragon Custom present to you summer photo shoot – Sunset Rhapsody with Madame Butterfly and Vanja Ichkova  Technical aspect – restored Lasta Sarajevo 58` with polish crowns Location – near Skopje, thanks to all crew….

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Strawberry and Blueberry

Strawberry and Blueberry – Make me Fresh !!! Dve restavracii na FBP Partizan za dvajca zaljubeni prekrasni luge…Two restorations of FBP Partizan for two beautiful people in love – Love is in the air …

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Blondy so Tijana Mojsovska

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Lucky for lucky people. Se nadevame deka sekogash ke im podaruva Sreka. We hope it will always give them happiness…

Nov dizajn na skirt guard boja po izbor naracki na


Велосифест :)

Koj e za besplatna personalizacija na velosipedot. Dojdete utre da se druzime vo park ke bideme tamu po 12 chasot…Se gledame…….



Роденденска КМ #25

По повод вториот роденденот на Критична маса денес ке се одржи журка, ќе пробаме да ја разубавиме журката и со нашите велосипеди. Крајната дестинација ќе виде парк – Школка. Побарајте не меѓу штандовите…Се гледаме…

For the second birthday of Critical Mass today will be a PARTY. We will try to make a more beautiful with our bikes. The final destination is Sity park – the Shell. Find us in the end. See you …